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Our Services

In Talent Management, we treat our clients as partners. In the decades of Managing Talent, WTM has prided itself in putting the best interest of our talents first, before our own. We believe that the people we handle know themselves well and have value in themselves. They have goals and dreams that we can help them with. And this is where we anchor ourselves as their Agents and Managers. We find the opportunities for them that align with their vision. If there aren’t any, we do our best to make it happen for them. As Talent Managers too, we constantly work hard at being trust-worthy, understanding and resourceful partners in their careers, so we keep their dreams alive.

Aside from managing our own local talents, we have also had the privilege to work with talents from other talent agencies here and abroad. We have also paired global stars with local brands, making the impossible, a standard that most brands have now been doing. Clients and brands have trusted us with finding the right people and names to represent their values. Something we truly enjoy and are fortunate enough to have been working on.

Our roster of Hosts have also been generous enough to share years’ worth of experience to others who seek it. From teaching them the basics of hosting, down to sharing a few tips and tricks that could help them at any type of event or speaking engagement, our hosts look forward to helping both newbies and even those who have been doing it, get a head start and an advantage in hosting.


From setting it up to producing storyboards for your branded content, we are committed to helping you produce content you’ll be proud of.

We love a good feed! But more than that, we love helping clients, brands and people achieve the look & vibe that reflects their personalities & brand values the most!

Campaign and marketing materials, look books, creative video executions, personal, aesthetic requirements, send us your needs and we’ll pool the fitting team together, even help you with securing locations, mount production and more!